V1Visual Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Black technology for visual navigation for visible cleanliness

Embedded visual navigation captures visual road signs, conducts real-time scanning and mapping and creates a panoramic view of the whole house; the preset map allows for the positioning of the areas to be cleaned at your discretion.

Efficient and scientific path planning

Planning the path through visual navigation makes cleaning more efficient, following the predetermined path to ensure no omission, low repetition and high coverage.

Visual App control, voice prompts

Remote visual APP intelligent control sends commands anytime from anywhere. A variety of cleaning modes can be set, and the cleaning track can be viewed in real time. And it is easy to operate. With real-time voice prompts you can quickly master its dynamics.


Strong suction, automatic pressurization for carpet cleaning

It can intelligently identify the carpet and pressurize automatically. It is equipped with a floating middle sweeper which changes to suit the terrain, making it more suitable for differing floor environments to ensure more thorough cleaning, even coping with grooves and gaps.


Automatic recharge, break-point continuous cleaning

The cleaner memorizes the cleaning progress in real time, recharges automatically when the battery is low and then continues to complete the cleaning task after the battery is fully charged; there is no need to worry about omissions for large-area cleaning.



  • φ32.5×8.2
  • Visual
  • 2600mAh
  • 90-1200mins
  • 130m²
  • Brushless motor
  • 1200Pa
  • 19V==600mA
  • 0.5L


  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Standard Configuration
  • Standard Configuration
  • Standard Configuration