X3Ultra-thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Low space cleaning machine

Designed for the low spaces in your house, such as under the sofa and bed.

Double ultrasonic waves, actively identifying low space

Its height detection is up to 45cm, truly achieving optimum cleaning of the low spaces in your house.


Can’t miss the chance, let’s the sweep more

3.15cm body, slim and lightweight

It redefines “light” and “thin”, eliminating the heavy body, and runs more flexibly.

Aesthetic and bright

Aesthetic appearance is also part of its advantages.



  • 25.8×22.8×2.95
  • Random
  • 800mAh
  • 60-90mins
  • 120m²
  • Brushed motor
  • 300Pa
  • 12V==1000mA
  • 0.2L


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